Saturday, August 20, 2011

Binding Blood

Half-Blood by Jennifer Armentrout
Read via Around The World ARC Tours

* Book will be released on September 15, 2011
This book gets a good 3 gnomes and a gnome hat out of 5 gnomes for having a pretty great mythology and characters that you can root for.

Alexandria aka Alex is a half-blood, which means that she’s much faster and stronger then a normal person.  She’s not as powerful as pure bloods are though and pure bloods are the ones that run her society.  

The pures are able to control an element like fire, air, etc.  Pures use half-bloods basically as guards or servants.  This means the half-bloods don’t exactly have many options in life.  There is also a strictly enforced law that there can never be a relationship between a half-blood and a pure.  The top job that a half-blood can have is to be a sentinel and fight daemons  (I usually prefer the other spelling of demon because when I see the word daemon I think of The Golden Compass).  Alex’s dream is to be a sentinel and fight daemons but there are some major obstacles in her way.  

I like the story but parts of it are way too predictable.  For example when Alex reads a certain myth out of a book, there’s some blatant foreshadowing that leaves you just waiting for her to find out the information.  The main relationship feels like a well duh of course that is going to happen kind of moment.  Thankfully though there are some surprises with the relationship angle later on.  

The love triangle aspect feels forced at times.  I know I really prefer her with the first person she falls for.  The ending will also make things very awkward for the future and leave you with an oh well kind of feeling.

The bad guys in this book and how they become bad guys is one of the most interesting aspects of the story.  The good guys face villains that are in most cases a darker/eviler version of themselves.  This story is just full of good psychological goodness like that.  There isn’t a concrete ending either so the reader knows that the bad guy will be back.

Overall a tad bit predictable but also fun to read. Alex has a future that will likely get her killed but first she has to live that long.  Things are changing but not seemingly for the better.  The ending of the book looks like it promises some problems and plenty of intrigue for the future.


  1. Great review. Am I weird that I like Seth better than Aiden??

  2. @Megan, Thanks, glad you like the review. No it's not too weird that you like Seth better then Aiden :) There's reasons to like both of them and you never know, she might end up with Seth.


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