Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Smiles - Good things this week

Was very excited to get into Pottermore on the third day.  :)
My username is HawthornSparks97

Also was happy to get the new cover for Nightshade in the mail from Penguin so now my books will match.
Isn't it pretty, looks even better in person then it does online.  :)


  1. So jealous - every day I logged on to Pottermore and it just said 'Chances for early Registration is closed for today' I always missed it. :(

    Hope you have a blast. :D

  2. @barmybex, Thanks:) Sorry you didn't get in. I actually woke up at 3AM on day 3 of it and kept waking up every hour finally got in at like 5:30AM.


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