Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Waiting in Line for an advanced screening of HP 7 Prt. 2

Was very excited to win tickets for an advanced screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.  I took the day off from work and got there around 10 AM.  Then I found out that the theater (Rave theater in Omaha, NE) was making everyone wait in line outside.  They decided to do this on a day when there was a heat advisory, needless to say it was really freaking hot out.

Evidence of the very hot day, sunburned me:

Here are my notes that I took while I slowly turned into a lobster from the sun.

Hour 1 - Found out I'll have to wait outside (hopefullly not for too long.)  3rd person in line so far.
- ate a very good peanut butter/nutella sandwich.
- got a blanket to sit on from the car.
- lady just walked up wearing a plastic yellow poncho and it's not raining at all.  Hasn't said a word just staring at movie posters. Sat down but apparently was here to see Zookeeper.
- Now 4th person in line.

Hour 2 - Reading tour book ARC of Enthralled (really good so far)
- Looking like I might be stuck outside until the movie starts.  Manager came out and stapled signs at start of line that say Promo Screening 6:30 PM Line Starts Here.
- people in front of me are rewatching part 1 of The Deathly Hallows, so listening to that :)

Hour 3 - Seems to be getting hotter.
- Really wish Rave theater would let us wait inside.

Hour 5 - so freaking hot out and management said that Warner Brothers says people have to wait outside.  Thanks Warner Brothers for my first sunburn of the summer.  Thankful that I didn't wear a full costume.

3:55 - Looks like it could start raining at any time.
(My notes stopped after that entry)________________________________________________________

More info: Was stuck outside until after 5.
- I was able to refill my water bottle, my sister's boyfriend brought me a cold bottled water too (my sister sent him to make sure I was still alive), also was able to use their bathrooms and all that but it still sucked having to wait outside. (there was no way that I was going to leave though, if it was any other movie I wouldn't have waited outside like that but of course the last Harry Potter movie is a can't miss occasion.)

- The people from Warner Brothers got there and apparently the new manager of Rave is easily confused because Warner Brothers never said to keep people outside.  Thinking maybe the manager misinterpreted not being able to be seated until a certain time with not being able to be in the theater at all until a certain time.  Lots of people complained/tried to talk to them but the management didn't seem to care.  Apparently they thought people would sneak into other movies and trash the theater if they got to sit inside.  They're just really lucky that nobody got heat stroke.  Overall though some really horrible management and if there's a free screening there again, I'm not going.

Good things that happened:
- Got to meet people just as excited about the movie and series as I was, which is always good/fun :)
- Read a lot of short stories from the Enthralled ARC (really liking the book so far), actually wrote a little mini review after reading each story so will be able to do a timely review.
- The movie more than made up for the long hot wait in line.

Received special Harry Potter 3D glasses.

The movie was so awesome and intense.  There are some pretty big changes on how some stuff happens but the major great points are there.  Yeah, there's a couple of WHAT moments but they do fit in with the movie story line pretty well.  I was worried that a certain scene with Neville and a snake wasn't going to happen but then it did and was great. :)


  1. Wow, and I thought my waiting-in-line-to-see-final-Harry-Potter-movie experience was bad. It was hot out the day I saw it, but there wasn't a heat advisory. Though, it did rain, but with the heat it was welcome. I can't believe the manager did that (the only reason we had to wait outside is because my theater is really small, and there really isn't anywhere to wait inside).

    Glad you enjoyed the movie! I know what you mean about the Neville and snake scene. Just before it happened I was all "They're not going to do it! They're going to rob Neville of his moment!" I'm glad they didn't, in the end. Actually, all the questioning during the build up to that scene made it more exciting.
    I absolutely loved this movie! I can't wait to see it again! ^_^

  2. @Ren, Yeah, it was a crazy day. The waiting outside sucked but the movie was awesome.

    Yes, the Neville scene was definitely entertaining. I'm glad most of the great scenes made it into the movie.

    I plan to see the movie again too, on Friday morning. :)


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