Monday, July 11, 2011

Sentence Sneak Peek - The Adventures of Benjamin Skyhammer

The Adventures of Benjamin Skyhammer by Nicole Sheldrake

The first sentence from each chapter of The Adventures of Benjamin Skyhammer, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Received this book from the author for review
* Spoilers are highlighted like this

"Benjamin Skyhammer backed away from the door, one hand on his sword, the other on the strap of his backpack."

"Countdown to ceremony: 55 days
"It's magic."

“Countdown to ceremony: 55 days
"The woman stumbled off her carpet, the ruffles of her loud pink dress billowing in the wind."

"Countdown to ceremony: 35 days
He couldn't tell her the truth."

"Countdown to ceremony: 28 days
A knot twisted his gut."

"Countdown to Ceremony: 15 days
The residents of Four Hills got fed up with explaining the capital's name long ago."

"Countdown to ceremony: 15 days
"Lady Higgins and the Keeper of the Retrograph Vault, your Majesty.""

"Countdown to ceremony: 15 days

"Countdown to ceremony: 14 days
"Raise the carpet very slowly please.""

"Countdown to ceremony: 14 days
His shorts had disappeared."

"Countdown to ceremony: 14 days
Higgins hurried over."

"Countdown to ceremony: 14 days
"Alright, alright, I'm coming," Ms. Floss called, making shooing gestures at Higgins and
Skyhammer towards the window."

"Countdown to ceremony: 13 days
Skyhammer shook his head in disbelief."

"Countdown to ceremony: 11 days
The Katipo were lucky that their country was bounded by such tall mountains, Skyhammer grumbled."

"Countdown to ceremony: 11 days
An insect buzzed in a purple mushroom cap far above them."

"Countdown to ceremony: 8 days
"We have to move faster.""

"Countdown to ceremony: 8 days
A flash of anxiety twisted Skyhammer's stomach."

"Countdown to ceremony: 7 days

"Countdown to ceremony: 6 days
Blood soaking her ripped shirt, Higgins faced the warrior, who now wore a smug smile."

"Countdown to ceremony: 6 days
It was hard to move as the platform was thronged with people but the hat was highly visible."

"Countdown to ceremony: 6 days

"Countdown to ceremony: 5 days
A Retrograph after the Nasuchu fight."

"Countdown to ceremony: 4 days
Skyhammer sat down across from the Aridizan."

"Countdown to ceremony: 3 days
He poked his head through the crack."

"Countdown to ceremony: 3 days
Most striking was the sky."

"Countdown to ceremony: 2 days
Skyhammer and Mute kept still and quiet on the floor for a couple of minutes, listening."

"Countdown to ceremony: 1 hour
Skyhammer tilted his head back, almost knocking Mute on the forehead."

""Aliens," the Nasuchu queen repeated."

"Higgins is hurt."

"Higgins stood, right hand on the wheel, a bright yellow flower tucked behind her ear."

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