Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lately at the Library

This is where I work while the library is being remodeled.  Not exactly convenient, I've taken to calling it the Mini Library.
It's been quite the adventure so far because most students see this space and ask, "Is this the library."  I'm just trying to go with the flow but the plans for the new space make me nervous, it sounds like a lot's going on but the communication tends to be lacking.  I just have to hope for the best and that the new remodeled arrangement actually works although it's easy to feel pessimistic when we already know that the shelves won't be here in time for the opening.   

Sometimes I have to work on Saturdays and yesterday was one of those days.  It was a slow day at first but then a student showed up looking for help with their paper.  This would have been find but the person that works in the writing center (which is connected to the library) didn't show up today.  Even though I told her the person wasn't there and when the other writing centers opened, she stayed for the whole day.  I showed her how to cite everything and tried to help her out with her paper.  It was fine for awhile and I made sure to emphasize that she should double check everything.  Not sure that it was the best paper but it seemed to work for her.

Then later in the afternoon after she saw that I got a sandwich from Jimmy Johns, she and another lady in the room wanted to know how to order sandwiches.  So I ended up promoting Jimmy Johns at work today.  :)

The "best" part came at the end.  She said because I had been so nice and helped her with her paper that she wanted to reward me.  This reward was her reading every single page of her paper out loud to me.  This was one of those cringe inducing moments because you don't want to say NO, don't read the paper to me and make the person feel dumb.  I ended up listening to her read me the paper right up until closing time.

Overall quite the weird day.

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