Thursday, July 7, 2011

HEXED - My Favorite Quotes/Lines

"Why, I'm the Antichrist, of course."

"<Did I just hear you say something about bitches?> Oberon asked hopefully."

"They could be passin' out holy arrows with their Jesus crackers and you'd never know any different."

"I'd been reduced to monosyllables by a nightie."

"<Wait, you never told me what acid was.>
"It's the street name for LSD." 
<I thought the street name for that was Mormon.>"

"<Tell her I'm a Peace Dawg, but I think her cats are closely allied with the Man.  I'm going to stick it to them.>"

"Tell Jesus I said hi, and we should have a beer next time he's in the neighborhood."

"Do angels, fallen or otherwise, have assholes?"

"<Atticus, you know I can hear you when you're all spazzed up, right?  That was a lot of alliteration for a doubtful Druid deliberating over a deity's dubious de-signs.>"

"<Oh, great big bears! Beam him up, Scotty!  Now!>"

"Maybe I should try to figure out how to make my eyes flash green so I could freak out the baristas at Starbucks."

"A naked man pursuing two curvaceous women down the street would probably be mininterpreted by the general public."

"I am the shit, home slice, straight up," he replied."

"<See? I got your back and your front.  I deserve a treat.>"

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