Sunday, July 10, 2011

Top 5 Sundays – Favorite Books of 2011 so far!

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Top 5 books of 2011 So Far!

A superb sequel and just a great look at mythology and full of funny thanks to Oberon the Irish wolfhound.

This third book in the series is my favorite because it packs so much in.  There is so much that happens to the characters and the ending leaves you impatient to see what happens next.

This book is one of my faves because it's just so different and has a lot of gallows type humor.  This killer book has a lot of heart and examines the relationship between sisters very well.

The first chapter of this book hurtles you right into the story, it's pretty unforgettable (I think it has one of the strongest first chapters that I've ever read.  The characters are surprising and I can't wait to see what happens next.

This book is one of my favorites because of all the twists and turns throughout the story.  There are no easily predictable solutions here and the ending was really intense.

Honorable Mentions - The rest of the best in 2011 so far (lots of great books so far this year)


  1. great choices,,thanks for sharing

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  3. Hounded was a surprisingly good read, I'm glad to see Hexed made it on your Top 5! It's is on my Must Read NOW list! Great picks.

  4. I'm reading Divergent right now, it's really, really, REALLY good!

  5. @Jennifer_After_Dark, Thanks, it took a while to narrow down my choices.

    @Jen, Yeah, I really liked the first book too and Hexed added even more to the story, it's a really great sequel.

    @Brooke Reviews, Cool, Divergent is an awesome book and it has a great ending that's not too bad of a cliffhanger.

  6. YES! Alien in The Family and Across the Universe!!! :Loved them! =D


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