Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sentence Sneak Peek - My Life as a White Trash Zombie

My Life as a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland

The first sentence from each chapter of My Life as a White Trash Zombie, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

This great zombie cover was created by the very talented Dan Dos Santos.  I love this cover and it really makes the book stand out and goes along well with the story.
"You should be dead," the ER nurse stated as she ad-justed something on my IV."

"I made it home from the hospital and obediently set my alarm for 7:30 A.M."

"Three hours ago I was in bed, I thought miserably."

"It was after five P.M. by the time I finally left the morgue and climbed into my Honda."

"Despite the failure of Xanax, I managed to get a good night's sleep, and actually got out of bed when my alarm went off."

"The ringing of my phone jerked me out of a nightmare—rotting flesh and crawling maggots, reaching hands and flesh dripping off bones."

"More than ready to get the hell out of there, I had the dead guy bagged, on the stretcher, and shoved into the back of the van in record time."

"My stress levels were so high that when my cell phone rang I let out a shriek and damned near threw the bag containing the tub of brains into the air."

"The Top Cow Café, situated in a slightly crummy section of Tucker Point, was a cramped little hole-in-the-wall with a sign out front so weatherworn it was barely read-able and waitresses who didn't waste their time with little things like courtesy and smiles."

"All next week I was the goddamn model of a good worker."


"I gazed morosely at the contents of the little fridge in my room."

"I practically sang for joy when I got the call at six A.M. to pick up a body."

"You're certainly raring to go, Angel."

"As annoyed as I was at Kang and his no-more-info-for-you bullshit, the entire incident had clued me in to sev-eral hugely important facts."

"The third morgue tech, Jerry, was sitting at the computer in the morgue when I came in the next morning."

"My decent mood lasted until I pulled up to the house and saw my dad sitting on the porch."

"As soon as the cops left with my dad I retrieved my lunchbox from my car and scarfed down a jar of brain soup."

"Dad called the next morning."

"I was starting to figure out that Derrel had a sixth sense-thing going on, where he knew exactly what to say to make people feel better."

"What the hell happened to this guy?"

"Double Ds was actually the Double Dime Dinner, but no one bothered to call it that, even though the nickname made it sound like a strip club."

"After parting ways with Marcus and Ed, I drove home."

"My cell phone chimed with an incoming text message as I was carefully writing the date on the side of a jar."

"I finished up my paperwork, then checked the computer to see if there were any bodies scheduled to be picked up by a funeral home today."

"I drove home in a cold sweat, arguing with myself the whole way."

"Hunger prodded me, as if to taunt me about the loss of my brains."

"I sat in my car and bit my lower lip as I considered my situation."

"I headed into the morgue early, hoping to god that an-other body had been brought in while I was off."

"As soon as Dr. Leblanc finished up and returned to the main building I called Scott Funeral Home and asked for Kang, only to be told he wasn't coming in until noon and no, they could not give me his personal information or cell phone number."

"Making my getaway was the first step."

"After checking the styrofoam cooler to be sure every-thing was still pretty frozen, I headed to the hospital."

"I ended up going back to the diner, simply because I couldn't think of anywhere else to go where I would have the room to spread out and look everything over."

"Herbert Singleton wasn't a zombie—just an asshole who could only get laid if the girl was too wasted to say no."

"I've never been anything remotely resembling "ath-letic."

"Oh, Ed did his best to shoot me again, but I'd just gob-bled down two brains worth of brainsicle, and I was fast."

"Together we managed to get my Honda unstuck, but be-fore we headed back to town we returned to where the four-wheelers were parked."

"My dad and I raked up beer cans for the last couple of hours of daylight, then I headed back over to Marcus's house."

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