Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sentence Sneak Peek - Red Moon Rising

Red Moon Rising by Peter Moore

The first sentence from each chapter of Red Moon Rising, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

*All sentences taken from an ARC I received via Different Area Codes tours

 "Feeling like you fit in as a freshman in high school is tough enough, but it really sucks when you're only half-vampyre."

"How cool is this?

"I'm walking home with Claire after school when headlights shine past us and a new Porsche rolls up to the curb a few yards ahead of us."

"Health class is so stupid."

"Saturday night."

"Maybe getting to school half an hour early is overkill, but I don't want to miss Juliet before class."

"It's been a while since I took the train into the city."

"So now it's practically impossible to concentrate on school-work with all this going through my mind."

"We're parked a couple of blocks from the house and haven't said a word for maybe ten minutes."

"I have no interest in the discussion about Hemingway and the question some  jerk asks every year about whether he was a human or a wulf."

"All the noise in the cafeteria is one big annoying buzz that I'm trying to ignore."

"Today I keep shaking and getting the chills."

"My eyes are much darker now."

"I feel so much better, I can't even believe it."

"We're parked at an overlook near the quarry in Brockston."

"The last thing Dad told me before dropping me off was how important it was not to say anything about this to  anyone."

"I get home and Mom is in her garden, kneeling on a rubber mat."

"I sit in my spot on the gym floor while Mr. Carver checks attendance."

"As soon as I get in Jessica's car, I tear off the disposable Sol-Blok suit Claire gave me, ball it up, and throw it into the back seat."

"The girls are out shopping and Troy is in Romania on busi-ness, so it seemed like a good time to tell her."

"Ms. O'Conner is in the front of the room, holding the Shakespeare book with her finger stuck inside to keep her place."

"The loud buzz of the doorbell wakes me up."

"We watch while Dad walks slowly around the bare base-ment, checking out the walls and ceiling."

"At the end of the school day, Juliet gave me a naughty smile when she met me at my locker."

"The lobby of the apartment building is dark and grim."

"Claire heard about a guy who supposedly has tickets to the Rubber Crutches concert."

"Of course, the rumored ticket scalper is nowhere to be found at the Chill Grill."

"We're making progress downstairs."

"Dad has been worried that I've been spending too much time working on the chamber and not keeping up with school, so I'm in my room now to do homework, banished from the basement for the rest of the day."

"Walking near the pond I can hear every nocturnal animal: frogs, crickets, owls, the field mice."

"No doubt about it, my nose was broken."

"Dad brings us home."

"Did my heart just stop?"

"I never should've agreed to this," Jess says."

"It hits me hard, all at once."

"Through the woods."

"I'm shaking like crazy."

"Walnuts cracking."

"Mother red help the moon can't help, the moon won't stop bullets red moon strong gives power not enough power big power no more run away have to keep away from him no run from whitehair enemy HUNT whitehair enemy prey might not be able to hide from him hunt enemy offense is defense better hunter than enemy more quiet more fast more strong he's human and he must be nervous made to hunt human weak slow he doesn't have the animal stealth stalk stalk then kill no, don't kill him, but KILL no, can't kill him."

"Where am I?"

"He's not really shouting for help so much as screaming hys-terically."

"My legs are achy and my balance is off from the sedative, so it takes both Kevin and Troy to help me walk upstairs."

"After I finish an enormous meal, Jess says, "By the way: Claire called about five times during the night and earlier today."


  1. This book is about vampires? I could have sworn this was about a werewolf from the cover! My favorite sentence is : "Health class is so stupid." LOL

  2. It's actually a pretty cool book where there are vampires, werewolfs and humans. It's cool to be a vampire but werewolfs are like second class citizens. The main character's mom is a vampire and his dad is a werewolf.

  3. Oh wow, that sounds really cool. I'm adding it to my to-read list right NOW!


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