Friday, January 28, 2011

Sentence Sneak Peek - XVI

XVI by Julia Karr

The first sentence from each chapter of XVI, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

*All first sentences are from an ARC I read via Around The World ARC Tours
*A major spoiler is highlighted so read at your own risk.  :)
"Nina, look."

"It was late September, blue sky, crisp air—not at all typical fall weather in Chicago."

"I'd barely pressed the buzzer when the apartment door swung open and there stood Pops leaning on his crutch—holding the GI leg in his hand."

"There's Mike," Sandy said."

"Stop it!"

"You gotta listen to this one, Neens."

"Since Mike volunteered at the zoo, he had a digital code by his ID that allowed him access to restricted areas."

"Because of Sandy's tirade, we ended up on the later express and barely got back to Cementville on time."

"I clicked on the tiny video screen, I could see red hair sticking out from under her black-and-white-checked hatband."

"When we walked outside the Infinity machine room, Officer Jelneck was down the hall with a man and woman."

"Next morning I got up at the same time as Gran."

"I'd finally gotten all Gran's recipe chips loaded into the cook center and was busy cleaning the containers and filling them with ingredients."

"I contemplated diving for the notepad but thought better than to make a big deal out of it."

"On Monday morning, Dee and I stepped off the number 33 transit at the corner of Dickens and Clark and into our old neighborhood."

"The rest of the afternoon at school was uneventful."

"Next day in homeroom, Wei turned to me and said, "Sal told me about your mother."

"The next morning was pretty normal, though I couldn't stop thinking about Sal's kiss, and how it would be to see him."

"Gran and I moved Dee down the hall to her own room that evening."

"Wei caught up with me in the hall after the last bell."

"At about ten p.m. my PAV beeped."

"I'm a little nervous," I confessed, which was a huge understatement."

"I got up late, with plans to go back to Robin's Roost and poke around there."

"After my pathetic bathroom stay, I managed to sneak around Hal, the robotic hall monitor, and get into my next class."

"Sal hadn't called and I hadn't seen him at school."

"Dee pulled me into the living room; she was white as Gran's hair."

"Thank goodness the next morning was Saturday, because I'd barely slept the night before."

"Well, well..."

"No sooner had we gotten to the park than a police trannie cruised up in front of us—and stopped."

"You guys stay with Nina," Sal whispered to Derek and Mike."

"The green trannie was the only thing we saw, between the park and the apartment, that could've had anything to do with Ed."

"Sandy had fallen asleep while we were all still talking."

"Sal drove up a narrow gravel road lined with trees."

"When I finally got up the nerve, I lifted my head ever so slightly from Sal's neck and said, "You must think I'm—"
  "Amazing, Nina Oberon—absolutely amazing."

"I woke up to the tones of my PAV."

"Sandy called first thing next morning."

"Wei and I hardly said a word on the way to her house."

"Early Thursday morning, I was in the kitchen with Gran."

"I'm not ready."

"I grabbed Sal's jacket."

"We'd only had a half day of school on Friday, and I was home, in my room, sketching my makeshift dresser."

"The next morning, I was up early and had coffee ready when Gran came into the kitchen."

"Ed's LED wobbled across the floor, the light throwing shadows everywhere."

"The police found Sandy's body three days later, partially buried in a gravel pit outside of Cementville."

"December 10, 2150."

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