Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kooky Kisses

Vampyre Kisses by Elizabeth J. Kolodziej

*Received this book from the author for review

This book gets 2 gnomes and a gnome hat out of 5 gnomes for having great characters but a plot that is just all over the place.

The prologue is entertaining because it puts forth an interesting mythology about witches and introduces the reader to Circe a goddess who many people will know from having read The Odyssey by Homer in high school.

I do like the characters in the story but found myself wanting more from them.  Would love to get more of the back story on the secondary characters.  

There are two points of view in the story, Faith and Trent.  This works well with the story in some parts but not in others.  It works best when they are on their separate quests.  It doesn’t work well the first time that they meet.  This meeting didn’t need to be told from both points of view, it ends up being confusing.  I personally at first was wondering if the book was misprinted with the same scene twice.

Faith is a strong character but takes to the whole being a witch complication in her life pretty quickly.  Getting over the death of her father hasn’t been easy.  She feels like her life's in a rut and being a witch just seems to make sense to her and is something new to accomplish.  

Trent the vampire is kind of boring at first but becomes more interesting as he gets to know faith.  As the reader finds out more about Trent he does become a more intriguing character.

My favorite characters from the story are Z.T. and Morgan.  Morgan is a character that I would love to know more about, especially the whole being the prophet/vessel for the very first vampire.  Z.T. is a great character because for the reader he represents the werewolves and lets the reader see how their hierarchy works versus the vampires.  

It really bothered me who the main enemy was.  How quickly this enemy comes about and the reasoning for it makes you go, Well, really... and the motivation for it feels shaky.

The pacing is all over the place, first they barely know each other and then they jump to love just a little fast.  I would have liked to see Faith's witch training go on longer because it was a lot of fun to see the trials that she has to go through.  

The mission to find the bad guys and why they started the war should have lasted longer.  It would be nice to know more of their motivation and have more fight scenes.  The end battle seems to come out of nowhere and ends way too quickly.  

Overall I really like the ideas and mythology that are put forth but the pacing of everything just threw me for a loop.

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