Friday, January 7, 2011

Red Moon Rising - My favorite quotes/lines

Here's some lines/quotes from Red Moon Rising that will show you why it's such an interesting and funny read.

*I received this book via Different Area Codes tours

"My approach?  If in doubt, assume someone is evil."

"Being a wulf is something people won't let you forget."

"Well, a steady stream of nonsense was flowing out of my pen, but it was pretty well-written nonsense.  If she falls for my elaborate doublespeak that says nothing concrete, then maybe I did okay."

"You.  Can't.  Kill our hopes.  Power to the lycanthropes!"

"Because by reflex, I deliver what must be the most per-fect--in aim, timing, and power--kick in the balls in the his-tory of the world."


  1. "My approach? If in doubt, assume someone is evil." That was funny. That is all! :)

  2. Yeah, that's my favorite quote from the book.


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