Monday, January 3, 2011

Slice of Cherry - My favorite quotes/lines

Here's some lines/quotes from Slice of Cherry that will show you why it's such a weird and darkly funny read.

*All quotes/lines taken from an ARC that I read via Around The World ARC Tours 

"She wore lipstick and nail polish and rubbed blackberry-scented cream into her skin and hair, as if she wanted some boy to mistake her for a pie and eat her."

"What I love about Guthrie Cordelle is that not only is he one of the few black serial killers, he's one of the best ever.  I am glad that black people are finally representing because the world needs to know that black people can be just as crazy if not crazier than white people."

"And I like you.  Just the way you are."

"They didn't have time for poetic justice."

"At least we're honest about being the bad guys."

"We are the monsters."

"Evisceration is so fucking cool!"

"I don't joke; I quip.  It's much more refined."

"If you take a hostage, we could double-date!"

"You're my badass ninja."

"Now you're thinking like a predator.  A psy-chotic predator, but still an improvement."

"If you really wanna take out your frustrations on someone, you should go find a crowd and have a good old-fashioned rumble!"

"A real sister would have killed you herself instead of farm-ing it out to strangers."

"You're like rottweilers--they protect you from burglars, but nothing protects you from them."

"The upside of having a serial killer for a father is that not mat-ter what you do, it's never as bad as what he's done."

"I'd rather not live on somebody's ass cheek the rest of my life."

"It was nourishing, in a way, being able to feed off other people's energy, like social cannibalism."

"You can be real obvious with a boyfriend, but with a sister you have to be more subtle."

"And Fancy knew firsthand how therapeutic killing could be."


  1. OMG I can't wait to read this book! I read Bleeding Violet and since then have been in love with the writer! Great quotes, this make me want the book even more.

  2. Yeah this book is full of some awesome quotes/lines and some did that really just happen type moments. :)


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