Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cunning Cherry

Slice of Cherry by Dia Reeves
*Read via ARC from Around The World ARC Tours 

I gave this wonderfully weird book a 5 out of 5 gnomes.  Wow, I loved this book.  It has such a fresh/original concept, it really mesmerizes you as you read it.  Never knew that it could be possible to like two main characters so much that are killers.  This book is full of murder and mystery, the pages just fly by.

Fancy and Kit are sisters that have quite the relationship.  Their father is a serial killer that's now on death row, this makes them not exactly popular in town.  They are pretty proud of their heritage though and seem to take after their father.  Both sisters have quite the knack and thirst for killing.  Killing is something that just seems to be a part of their life.  The first chapter has them taking a burglar hostage, Kat calls him Franken.  Some parts in the book have to be read to be believed.

I like all the magical elements of the story that are just a part of everyday life in Portero.  In this town doors to other worlds can open up anywhere and monsters are very real.  Another great aspect of the story that gives the reader an illuminating glimpse into Fancy's psyche is the page from Fancy's dream journal that is included before every chapter. 

If you don't like dark humor, this book is not for you.  If you do like dark humor you will find yourself actually laughing out lout, a lot.  It will make you see the phrase find your happy place in a whole new light.

Fancy doesn't want Kit to end up like her father and wishes for a place where they can kill and not get caught.  This wish comes true thanks to an event held at Cherry Glade because when you are there and hang your wish from the moontree, it is known to come true.  Fancy actually makes contact with Cherry herself.

The Turner brothers, Ilan and Gabriel come into their lives and change things between the sisters.  The sisters aren't the only ones with secrets.

It's a great that at different points in the story the reader is really not sure which sister to root for.  The story changes to something truly awesome when they start to put their skills at killing into helping people.

The end of the story hints that we'll be seeing more of the Cordelle sisters in the future.  Now I can't wait to read more about Portero.  I think with this book that I've found another author to add to my automatic buy list.


  1. Well, I love dark humour and I love Dexter so I really want to read this! Thanks for the review.

  2. Well, sounds like you'll love this book then.

    Glad you read/liked this review. :)

    This book is a lot of fun to read, it has over 500 pages but I found myself drawn right into the story and I was never bored.

  3. This book is right up my alley. I loved Bleeding Violet and I enjoy super dark humor. I seriously can't wait to read this!

  4. Wow, this sounds strange and awesome. I'm going to have to read it...


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