Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tee-rific Thursday - A New Look For Some Old Stories

Here are some great shirts from that feature some very good literary mashups or retellings of classic stories.
I love this shirt and with the way literary classics are being zombified it's just a matter of time before the title of this shirt becomes a reality, "Zombies in Wonderland" by Alice X. Zhang and Donald Lim.

I picture this shirt as being on the cover of some new YA retelling of The Wizard of Oz.  The shirt's called "Where Dreams Come True" by Nanda Correa and Ike Motta,

This is what I imagine Scarlett March from Sisters Red will look like all grown up.  So for any Red Riding Hood enthusiast out there, "RED" by Kneil Melicano would be the perfect shirt for you.


  1. I have a ton of tees from Threadless and do so much of my Christmas shopping there. :D Author Stacey Jay actually got me turned onto them when she did a giveaway for one called Vampire Orthodontistry. They don't currently have it as a tee but they have it as a bag. "Red" is another favorite but I still haven't bought it. The House Brawl one is actually really cool too if you're a Harry Potter geek.

    I wish they did Kindle skins. I would so have bought more than one just so I could switch out and enjoy different ones.

  2. @Sullivan, @Kate, @Rhianna. Yeah I really love these shirts and most of what Threadless makes. I probably have 30+ shirts. So I always have a lot of shirts to choose from and am always wishing that I could wear t-shirts to work besides on Saturdays.

  3. I love the Red Riding Hood one! It's so lovely looking but at the same time really creepy too, it's awesome. :D

  4. @Anna, yeah that's one of my favorites too.


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