Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vivacious Vampire Vacation *(Review and giveaway)now closed*

Vampire Vacation by C.J. Ellisson

I give this book 4 bats with tiaras out of 5 bats because it was a great read and always leaves you wanting more.

This little gem of a story has been a great find and read. I am one of those people that usually if a book doesn't interest me by the end of the first chapter, it is doomed to have to work the rest of the book to hold my interest. Vampire Vacation on the other hand had my attention by the end of the little glossary of people in the front of the book. it makes you look twice when the description for one of the people is “the dead guy in the first chapter.”

I would have to say that Jonathan is my favorite character. Gotta love the sexy werewolf with a heart of gold and a sense of humor that would make Loki proud. Plus he makes a hell of an exit, ;)

This book is a nice mix of mystery and a new look at a situation with vamps and weres. There's also a glimpse into how seethes and other parts of vampire lives in this world work.

If you are looking for a good read mixing mystery, paranormal,and erotica this is the book you should find.

I can't wait for the next one and a big part of me is hoping for a prequel to get all the details of Vivi’s back story.

In keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving and to honor the holiday, author C.J. Ellisson has agreed to give a free ebook to everyone that comments on this review within 48 hours. So be sure to leave your email or some way to contact you in the comments by 8:00 AM Thursday (Central Time).

C.J. also has a review giveaway going on so if you enjoy your free copy of Vampire Vacation make sure to check out her review giveaway, the rules and information can be found here.


  1. Excellent review, and a HUGE thanks to C.J. for the giveaway...I LOVE VAMPIRES!!


  2. Thanks TRV!! Great review! And yes, I am working on a prequel with Viv's early life and how she and Rafe get together. She's had a rough past so parts will be pretty dark, but I'll know for sure when I actually write it ;-)

    I did do a short story recently for a contest - kind of a mini look into the past - when Viv and Rafe meet up for the first time again after she met him when he was a teenager. It's posted on my Facebook page, if you're interested.

    Thanks again for your time and for giving a new author a chance - I really appreciate it!

  3. Excellent Review C.J.!!! I love reading any Vampire books.....I can't wait 2 read this book!!!! Thanks for the giveaway....


  4. Excellent review. As C.J. knows, I'm old school when it comes to vampires. Like in my book "Hunters," vampires meet the worst deaths.

    But, I was intrigued by Viv and Rafe and by the whole concept of vampire vacation. The characters literally came alive and I was able to put aside my usual notions of vampires.

    I would definitely recommend this book to vampire-philes (or whatever the term is).

    Gregory Marshall Smith

  5. Sounds like a really interesting book. A friend of mine just came home from Alaska. I'd love to read it!

    autumn.crochet (at) gmail. com

  6. Thanks for the review. This book sounds amazing, and I'm looking forward to reading it. Thanks so much for the giveaway C.J.


  7. I loved C.J.'s book I have read it several times now. I liked that you have a mystery, romance and laughs in one book. Laura

  8. Thanks for the review and giveaway :D This book sounds great!



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