Monday, November 22, 2010

Interview - Jeremy Shipp author of "Fungus of the Heart"

Today at Bibliognome we have author Jeremy Shipp.  Jeremy is here as a part of his Gnomic Blog Tour to support his newest work Fungus of the Heart.  I haven't read his newest work yet but I've read a lot of his free stories that he has posted online.  Jeremy seems like a weird yet funny guy if his interview answers are any indication :).  I know I plan to read more of his work in the future.
Bibliognome:  I love your title Fungus of the Heart, so what is your favorite type of fungus? 
Jeremy Shipp: I’m a big fan of Laetiporus sulphureus, especially the anthropomorphic variety that sings show tunes.
Bibliognome: Which character that you've written about has been your favorite?
Jeremy Shipp: I love Cicely from my novel Cursed. She’s weird, silly, passionate, and brave. I also quite like Never the Mold Fairy from my short story “Ula Morales.”

Bibliognome:  What's the shortest short story you've ever written?
Jeremy Shipp: This one: Once upon a time there was a guy who died. The end.

Bibliognome: What's a good name for a gnome, do you prefer fairy tale sounding names like Lan Thistledown or plain names like Gus or Bob?
Jeremy Shipp: I love classic gnomic names like Feather Thundersoul, but I also enjoy the more exotic names such as Charlie the Gnome.

Bibliognome: When is your favorite time to write?
Jeremy Shipp: I love writing during the witching hour, when attic clowns nap and Vaudevillian ghosts dance a jig and chicken mushrooms sing songs from The Music Man.

Bibliognome: Do you prefer gnomes in traditional red hats or more along the lines of fedoras or football helmets?
Jeremy Shipp: There’s nothing quite as beautiful as a yard gnome wearing a tri-cornered hat. And under the hat is traditional red hat. And under the traditional hate is a tiny yard gnome. And under the tiny yard gnome’s hat is a tinier yard gnome. And so on.

Bibliognome: What are you writing currently or percolating in your mind to write soon?
Jeremy Shipp: I’m writing a new horror story collection and a middle grade fantasy book. I also have a few new novels scratching at the inside of my skull trying to work their way out.

Bibliognome: What is your favorite word to say or write?
Jeremy Shipp: Some words I love: rigmarole, flapjack, chthonic, hullabaloo, agowilt.

Bibliognome: Who is your favorite author to read?
Jeremy Shipp: I have many favorites, including Haruki Murakami, Lois Lowry, Kurt Vonnegut, George Orwell, Gregory Maguire, Amy Tan, Arundhati Roy.

Bibliognome:  Anything else you would like people to know?
Jeremy Shipp: The best part about being in a pickle is eating your way out.

Quick Questions:
   1.) zombie or vampire?
Zombies. Especially zombie polar bears.
   2.) penguin or puffin?
Penguins. Especially when they’re wearing tuxedos.
   3.) polka dot or stripes?
I like to wear stripes, and I like to eat polka dots.
   4.) Starbursts or Skittles?
Starbursts. Little known fact: starbursts taste like attic clown spleens. Don’t ask me how I   

   5.) pen or pencil?
           Pens. Especially when they’re zombie pens wearing tuxedos.

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