Sunday, November 7, 2010

Girl Gargoyle?

Now a quick review for an Ebook I won via a Goodreads giveaway.

The Gargoyle Prophecies, Part I, The Savior Rises The Gargoyle Prophecies, Part I, The Savior Rises by Christopher C. Payne

I give this book a good 3 out of 5 gnomes for being an interesting take on the paranormal and for being a book that draws you right into the action.

This book is a bit of a head scratcher at times and pretty confusing yet it still draws you right in.

The only concrete fact is that the main character's name is Stefani Hernandez and that she owns a Raggedy Ann doll.  She is what you would call an unreliable narrator. The plot goes in many different directions, just when you think you know what's going on a kind of Groundhog's Day movie type scenario starts to happen. She may or may not be imagining all this from an insane asylum.  Soon even Stefani is not sure what is going on.

She may or may not be turning into a gargoyle on her 21st birthday. Many different people try to help her along the way but they usually end up dead. The characters are very easy to visualize but the only character that's get any depth is Stefani.

I don't really like the whole is this or is this not happening type of stories but I found myself engrossed with this story waiting to see what happened next. Also the line, "Drew Carey is on The Price is Right, honey, and you love Drew Carey.”, has never sounded so creepy.

Frustrating but fun I really want to see where this story is going next.

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