Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Favorite Quotes/Lines - Phantom Eyes

Phantom Eyes by Scott Tracey

* Provided by NetGalley for Review

“Was there something in the town charter that said that creepers and villains had to do so in a religious venue?”

“Grieving people wanted to touch, wanted to hug, and if anything it made me want to be touched even less.”

“I was insanely good at driving him insane.”

“Safe was just a word, though, and words could only get me so far.”

“They won’t hate you. Unless they’re Amish. I’m pretty sure your sarcastic ways would be lost on the Amish.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m more useful to everyone alive, I know. No one will shut up about it.”

“I’d known for a while that some journeys don’t end well. They just end.”

“I’m not playing around,” I said, barely a whisper, “Do we understand each other?”

“If there was any sort of ‘Best Dressed’ award at this thing and we didn’t win, then the city deserved whatever it got in the future.”

“But I swear to god if you die in there, I’m going to kill you.”

“Stretches were important before a supernatural showdown.”

“Let me just have my life, on my own terms.”

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