Monday, October 7, 2013

Sentence Sneak Peek - Phantom Eyes

Phantom Eyes by Scott Tracey

The first sentence from each chapter of Phantom Eyes, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Provided by NetGalley for Review

“Remember that time a crazy phantom bitch threw me out of a lighthouse and stole my power?”

“I didn’t wake up in my bed.”

Matthias emerged from the wooded path in his perfectly groomed three piece suit, all black as usual.”

“I woke up sometime just after dawn on a lounge chair behind the house.”

“The Harbor Club?”

“Even a week ago, dramatically descending the stairs without my sunglasses would have made an impact.”

“Jason pulled me out of the wake immediately.”

“Jade stayed for dinner.”

“Jade left sometime the next morning.”

“Trey wasn’t lingering by the door ready to pounce the moment I left Jason’s study.”

“My shirt was soaked with sweat by the time I made it down to the lobby after stumbling out of Riley’s room.”

“Trey only stayed about an hour more, and we didn’t move from our spot on the lawn.”

“One of the drivers was waiting out in front of the house when I was done.”

“The wind picked up again on the way back as the temperature dropped significantly.”

“What do you mean, dad?

“By the time Trey caught up to me, I was already climbing into the passenger seat of his truck.”

“Hours passed, and the fire started to dwindle down.”

“I told you I’d let you make your own decision,” Jason said a couple of hours later when he walked into my room.”

“There was another chess set in the library, identical to the one from my room.”

“I spent a day and a half staring at the chess boards.”

“The church doors were unlocked.”

“He climbed the steps slowly, emerging in a black leather jacket paired with dark jeans.”

“When you know your life is about to change completely, twenty-four hours can go by in a blink.”

“There weren’t any pleasantries exchanged on the other side of the world.”

“Neither of us was prepared for the day she tried to teach me how to invade another’s mind.”

“Belle Dam had changed in my absence.”

“The hospital lights flickered when I came off the elevator.”

“The contact between us kept the power inside me writhing, electric and angry.”

“Up until this point, all my experiences at Fallon Law Offices had taken place in Lucien’s office.”

“I let them take it all in.”

“Trey didn’t ask any questions when I directed him to get in his truck and start driving.”

“Three more stops took the rest of the night and well into the next morning.”

“It was the crystals that made it so easy.”

“I wasn’t stupid.”

“The last time I’d been in a cemetary, I’d been fighting for my life.”

“Isn’t it interesting,” Matthias said, “a hundred years in Belle Dam and finally everyone’s paying attention to old Matthias.”

“It’s called a game-changer.”

“So what happens to them now?”

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