Friday, October 11, 2013

Choppy Change

Sea Change by S. M. Wheeler

 * Provided by the publisher for review

2 out of 5 tiara wearing bats

This is a good story but just not what I expected after reading the book's description. The main character is interesting but the kraken Octavius is my favorite.

Although it is not a bad story by any means I do have to say that this is a book that is one that can be put down very easily the story is not very deep so it's easy to get back into it again. Some parts are interesting, I love the time that she spends with the bandits. That is the best part of the story. The relationship with the bandits is really well developed, I love Horace.

My biggest complaint with the whole story is that the motivation for the whole adventure is Octavius. He is only at the beginning and a portion of the story and the end. And with how the end happened it felt anticlimatic and almost like it wasn't worth the time spent reading. The journey wasn't strong enough to accommodate for the ending.

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