Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sentence Sneak Peek - Written in Red

Written in Red by Anne Bishop

The first sentence from each chapter of Written in Red, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

Long ago, Namid gave birth to all kinds of life, including the beings known as humans.”

Half blinded by the storm, she stumbled into the open area between two buildings.”

This is a car, this is a train, this is a bus. . . .

Monty paid the cab driver and got out at the corner of Whitetail Road and Chestnut Street.”

The experiment with the coffeemaker was an unqualified disaster, so Meg settled for a bowl of cereal and an apple—and promised herself a ten-minute break to run over to A Little Bite and get a large cup of coffee as soon as the shop opened.”

Eight ponies showed up the following day, looking for mail and carrots.”

Simon got out of the shower and rubbed the towel briskly over his skin.”

Simon flipped the lock on Howling Good Reads’ front door, flipped the sign to Open, put on the wire-rimmed glasses, and started the rest of the routine for opening the store.”

Timing her approach, Asia drove her car into the Liaison’s Office delivery area and parked in a way that guaranteed her vehicle would clog up the most space.”

Meg bobbled the jar of sweet pickles when something thumped on her kitchen door.”

Meg sat back on her heels and stared at the Wolf pup, who stared back at her.”

Her coat dangling from one arm, Meg rushed back into Simon’s living room and shrieked, “Sam!”

After a long, hot shower and a late breakfast, Meg filled Earthday with chores, Sam, and her first social outing.”

On Sunsday morning, the new set of bowls and the dog bed for the office were delivered as promised, and Sam was delighted to have his own comfortable spot where he could watch Meg as she sorted mail and packages.”

“But I wanna go with Meg!”

On Watersday, Simon put the cash drawer in the register and opened HGR for business.”

By the time Meg woke up the next morning, the sun was shining and the sky was a clean blue.”

When Meg stepped into the office’s front room on Moonsday morning, she found a Wolf staring at her from the other side of the counter.”

With Sam beside him in the front seat, Simon drove away from the Courtyard’s school and headed for the Liaison’s Office.”


“Are you sure?”

On Moonsday morning, Meg opened the office, prepared her clipboard, and breathed a sigh of relief.”

Pausing at an intersection, Meg rolled down the driver’s-side window and breathed in air that held the warmth of spring.”

With exaggerated care, Captain Burke set the phone’s receiver in its cradle.”

. . . travel advisory in effect until six a.m. tomorrow.

Slow and steady, Monty thought as the cab did a crawl and slide down Whitetail Road.”

Vlad, Nyx, and a handful of their kin flowed over the snow like segments of a black serpent as they headed for the Utilities Complex.”

The special messenger swore when the property fell through the ice.”

A car was stuck in the intersection, blocking traffic in every direction.”

Vlad studied the ash that drifted off the two bodies.”

Throughout the night, Monty, Louis, and Kowalski stood shifts outside Meg Corbyn’s hospital room, while Debany and MacDonald ferried medicines to people who needed them and could be reached.”

On the Thaisday after the storm, Monty walked into Howling Good Reads and nodded to Heather as he scanned the front of the store.”

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