Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter at the Zoo: a Tiny Reverse Vampire and Bibliognome Adventure

Tiny Reverse Vampire and I had an awesome time at the zoo on Easter, here are some of the best pictures we took.

A baby Klipspringer as seen in the Desert Dome

I love the eyes on this weird fish. :)

These garden eels look like something straight out of SpongeBob SquarePants or something. :) 

 This is one grumpy looking bird that we found.

This pic. so looks like one of those Windows desktop images. 

Tiny Reverse Vampire's theory is that this lemur is either on drugs or really loves that light...  

I adore the purple eyes on this Moray Eel. 

 We got very close to the peacocks today.

My staring contest with a penguin. 

 It's so cool seeing all the sea turtles and sharks in the aquarium.

This one that kind of looks like an alien home world is actually a large group of upside down jellyfish.

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