Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sentence Sneak Peek - Death's Servant

Death’s Servant by C.J. Ellisson

The first sentence from each chapter of Death’s Servant, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)


“I drive for hours that stretch into days.”

“I start work immediately with a local landscaper and am quickly promoted to leading a crew-my knowledge of plants and ability to speak Spanish the driving forces behind the advancement.”

“Next week I ask her out again.”

“I sit in my jeep for thirty minutes, contemplating what the hell just happened.”

“Pain radiates through my skull as my surroundings slowly come into focus.”

“I stop at my new apartment, throwing every piece of clothing and anything lying around into bags-including a handful of cash, my bills, my passport-eager to get back on the road.”

“I wander our nation’s capital for two days with no luck.”

“My heart leaps into my throat and heat flushes my face.”

“Now that I have a plan, I’m reluctant to wait the full two days Rafe suggested.”

“After a late dinner, we pack and drive our two separate vehicles to Middleburg, where the property was indicated on a map, not Purcellvile like I thought.”

Dria exits the vehicle, holding open the door for me to jump out.”

Dria hangs up the phone and focuses her keen gaze on me.”

“The next five minutes shake the very foundation of my sanity.”


Unable to resist her command, I walk slowly to the door.”

“I’m sorry.”

“The smell of fresh spilled blood fills the air between us.”

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