Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rereading, yay or nay?

Do you reread books?  If so what is your favorite book or series to reread?

I do reread books a lot and here are just some of the books/series that I find myself rereading over and over:

I adore this series and have probably read the first three books at least 3-5 times or more.  It's just a great world that you can always go back to.  

This book and the other books in the series immerse you into a fantastical world where the stakes are very high.  They have intense situations and characters that you'll really care about.

The ultimate book for bookworms, this book is just so much fun to read.

The Black Jewels Trilogy and the other books set in this universe are full of awesome characters and tremendous world building.  This is the kind of world that you want to go back to over and over.


  1. I reread a lot!
    Not rereading a book I love is like listening to a cd of a favorite band just once and then never again. I just can't get enough of revisiting worlds and characters I love.

    And when the book is well written, like the Black Jewels for example, I love getting lost in the flow of the words as well. On a first read I'm usually so focused on the story that I can't really enjoy that flow, so a reread is necessary in that case to really enjoy all aspects of the book.

    1. Very well said :) I too love revisiting worlds and characters too. I find myself rereading books a lot especially after reading a really sad or frustrating ending of a new book.


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