Friday, February 1, 2013

THE ARCHIVED - How To Make a Keeper Key

Me and Tiny Reverse Vampire collaborated and came up with the idea to make a key that resembled the one on the cover of The Archived.  Hopefully these pictures can help all the aspiring Keepers out there make their own keys.

Now here's our key making tutorial:

What you'll need =

The Archived so you can base the key you're making off of the one on the cover.

Tools for shaping the key = clay (ours was bought at Target), a knife, toothpick, q-tips, a roller, and some water (which makes working with the clay easier.)

Start to shape the key.

More shaping and comparing to the picture.

A final comparison and smoothing out of some of the rough parts.

Painted the key with watercolors (you can also use just about any other kind of paint too.) 

The finished key and my copy of The Archived

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