Monday, February 18, 2013

Happiness Horror

The Happiness Equation by David Burgett
* received from the author for review

3 and half tiara wearing bats out of 5

It gets your attention right away by giving a glimpse of later in the story then goes back to the beginning.  Once it goes back to the beginning, it does move a little slow but once Lazarus inputs and starts the phases of the plan things get rolling and just don’t stop.

I love the personality that they give Lazarus, he really does want to try to make things better.  It’s funny how with the little bit of wording when given his parameters could have made all the difference.  It’s slightly scary to think with how this book being set in the near future that not all of it is even that far of a reach of the imagination.  

I do have to admit that when reading I at one point did think to myself and say to Bibliognome, “What the hell prompted someone to come up with these scenarios.”  Definitely a read I would recommend if you like to read stuff about feasible situations in the worst case scenario.

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