Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sentence Sneak Peek - Rewrite Redemption

Rewrite Redemption by J.H. Walker

The first sentence from each chapter of Rewrite Redemption, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)
* Book received from the author for review

 “I killed my mother.”

“Lately, I’ve had to remind myself; I’m just a kid, not some attendant in a psych ward, or an actor in a horror movie waiting for my turn to scream.”

“I met up with Lex at the locker bay.”

“The screen door slammed behind me as I walked out on the back deck of the new house.”

“A.J., wait up!”

“I sensed the power the second I set foot in the school.”

“I watched Sam lug the box to the trash bin.”

“I was up half the night obsessing.”

“The hell?”

“I became a one man/one goal detective agency, immediately snagging her name from a girl on the way out of class.”

“Sam steered the Subaru, looking at me anxiously and smiling his sweet Sam smile.”

“Devon and my mom were gone.”

“Awareness morphed in slowly...”

“Heart pounding, I woke abruptly about an hour after I’d crashed.”

“A.J., you okay?”

“The night-of-the-living-dead screeched in my ear, yanking me out of a deep sleep.”

“I heard them arguing softly.”

“I didn’t catch her before school and I didn’t sense her energy all morning.”

“I spent the afternoon whipping my history paper into shape.”

“I waited as long as I could before heading home.”

“I don’t know what you’re expecting here,” I said, as Lex applied a hot oil treatment on my hair.”

“The good me and the screw-up me fought in my head nonstop for the first two miles of my run.”

“Wake up, guys.”

“I sent this text to my friend, Daniel, who was the drummer in my band.”

“The weekend was the best I could remember.”

“I welcomed Monday as if it was Christmas and I was five.”

“On the way to school, we chatted happily about the weekend.”

“After I escaped the flies, I wandered the central hallway, hoping to run in to her.”

“You should have seen her, Ipod,” Lex said, laughing.”

“I was in love.

“The afternoon went by slowly.”

“I cued up some metal to get moving.”

“Earth to A.J.....”

“All I wanted to do was shower and crash...”

“I had no appetite.”

Hospitals have a pulse.”

“I felt the tingle and rolled over, thinking I was dreaming.”

What had I done?”

“It was a harsh awakening.”

“It took me ten times longer to walk back to the hospital than it had taken me to run to A.J.’s house.”

“I hiked upstream.”

“Back at the parking lot, I tossed my dad’s sweatshirt in the car and went inside the hospital.”

“I opened my eyes to white cloth as if I was encased inside a coffin.”

“My dad was gone when I stumbled to the kitchen the next morning.”

The Indian just stood there, head cocked; scanning me as if he wasn’t quite sure I was real.”

“Once again, we walked in silence.”

“Whadda we have here?”

“She poked me in the back.”

“Before I could blink, the Indian was between the cowboys and me.”

“We were still sprawled on the sofa.”

Edgar’s hand gripped so tightly across my mouth, it cut my lip on my teeth, and I tasted copper.”

“By late afternoon we ordered pizza.”

“I fell asleep to thoughts of Constantine.”


“For one magic moment, I was in perfect harmony with the universe....”

“By the middle of the first song, we reached the meadow.”


“Ohmygod, ohmygod!”

“I woke in his arms.”

“I trucked across the bridge and snuck into the bathroom—no Sam in sight.”

“Constantine returned, dressed in Ipod’s tee shirt and his own bloodstained jeans.”

“What the heck happened?”

“Slow down.”

“All the drama had really taken a toll on me...”

“The ride home was tense.”

“That was amazing!”

“Ipod couldn’t believe all that had gone down.”

“I slammed the car door shut and gunned the engine.”

“I checked myself one more time in the mirror before leaving the big house.”

“In English, we read this turn-of-the-century story about a man and woman who were deeply in love.”

“I returned with the pizza to find A.J. gone and Lex and Ipod still laughing and talking about the changes.”

“I’d been dreaming—one of those magical dreams that you wish would never end.”

“Slowly, over the next few days, I began the task of acclimating to all the changes.”


  1. Hello Tiny Reverse Vampire. Love your Sentence Sneak Peak. What a great feature...really interesting to see it all laid out like that. I look forward to your review.

    1. Thanks

      Yeah I like them too. Sometims it is great to see what books can draw you in just by the first sentences alone.


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