Friday, February 15, 2013

Movie Review - Beautiful Creatures

Tiny Reverse Vampire and I saw a 10PM showing of Beautiful Creatures the night before Valentine's Day.  She's read the book and I haven't yet so here are our two perspectives on the movie:

Tiny Reverse Vampire’s Review = 5 out of 5 for the book but 3 and a half out of 5 for the movie.  

Not much to say it was okay.  I liked book better and missed the characters that they left out and what they contributed to the story. Liked the choices made in casting, they were very close to what I pictured. Thinking of it as a stand alone piece it is good but when you look at it compared to the book it just falls short of what I had hoped for. Biggest disappointment was that they did not use the whole thing with the song. I love how the books have the haunting verses in them and wished that they would have kept at least some of that.

All in all as I look forward to the 4th book (which is on my to read pile) I do hope that they do not do a sequel movie. I am not sure how well it would go with the changes that have been made.

Bibliognome's Review of the Movie (not having read the book) = 4.5 out of 5

I loved the movie.  It was great having a male protagonist who discovers the supernatural out in the world.  This point of view felt fresh compared so YA books that are turned into movies where you never get the male point of view.  

I was expecting like a deadly serious movie but there were parts that were so very funny.  I love movies that have a sense of humor. The relationship was well done and their banter back and forth was a lot of fun.  

I really liked the ending and definitely want to read the books now.


  1. There is a famous joke about two goats in the MGM studio lot. Both of them are in the back eating out of the dumpster. One is eating a film reel, the other a book. The one turns and says "this is pretty good", the other answers "you should try the book.

    The books are on sale for $3 today only as the Kindle daily deal, just thought you'd like to know.

    1. Nice :) That really does hold true with any book to movie translation (I think it might be better to actually see the movie and then read the book.)

      Thanks for the tip, I saw that and bought myself the first book and my sister the rest of the series. :)


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