Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gnome Story - Gnome Love

* Story written by my Mom :)

Geoffrey and Gretchen Gnome were about to celebrate their first Valentine’s Day together. Each was unsure what to get the other. Suddenly Geoffrey had a brilliant idea, tomorrow would be the day of the Rainbow Owl flight.  It was a day that was well celebrated in Gnome Town because as you know owls and gnomes are very magical creatures. It was more magical because the owls were of many colors, the most rarest owl of all on this magical day was a hot pink owl named Gus.  Any gnome that possesses the rare owl has good luck for the next year.  

For Valentine’s day as he thought and thought Geoffrey remembered that Gretchen’s favorite color was hot pink.  Then he had a light bulb moment, he would awaken before dawn on the day of the Rainbow Owls so he could catch the rare hot pink Gus for the love of his life Gretchen. In order to achieve this task Geoffrey read up on what Gus's favorite food was. Then he found it, Gus loves snicker doodle cookies.  But alas where could he find snicker doodles at?  All the Gnomes R’ Us stores were already closed.  He went to his troll contact Terry but had no luck there either.  Finally he ran across a Brownie on a street corner and as luck would have it this Brownie was a Baker selling his homemade world famous cookies.

As he was walking through the gnome forest he spotted hot pink feathers on the ground.  He hears a soft hooting sound so he sprinkles some of the cookie crumbs on the ground and slowly leaves bigger chunks behind.  He hides in the hollow of a tree with just the very top of his gnome hat showing.  Waiting in the cold darkness listening to the soft sounds of the hooting owl, he falls asleep wrapped in the net that he planned to catch Gus with.  Suddenly he’s startled awake by a very loud HOOT!  He jumps up the net in his hands and tosses it over Gus who’s eating the snicker doodle cookie.  After capturing Gus and letting him finish his cookie he offered him a glass of milk.  While Gus was finishing his milk and cookies Geoffrey Gnome talked him into coming home with him and being the lifelong pet of his lovely wife Gretchen.  Gus agreed and on the way home they stopped by a t-shirt shop and bought Gus a t-shirt that said Happy Valentine’s Day.  

As they reached the doorway of the gnome house Gretchen opens the door, sees her present and cries tears of joy.

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