Friday, October 26, 2012

Poppy's Promenade

Poppy by Riana Lucas

* ARC provided by the author for review

4 out 5 tiara wearing bats

Nice read.  Short and sweet book that is great to read in little spurts because it keeps you coming back for more.  My only complaints would be that there is a slightly slow start and things are a little predictable from time to time.  Once you get a bit farther into it though the story really picks up.  And although you may figure out some of the big reveals ahead of time, it is still fun to see the interesting ways that they do them.  

Reed is easily my favorite character.  I love his personality and the fact that he’s able to bring up a playful nature even in the stuck-up Poppy. His sense of humor makes me think of a lot of different people that I know, he’s easy to relate to.

Most of the characters have a wonderful depth to them and they really seem to come off the page.  The set up of the Fae realm is very interesting too.  I like the magic that the fae use.  It is well done and gives wonderful descriptions that help you picture it.  

Seeing the change in Poppy as the story progresses keeps you pulled into the story.  The cliffhanger ending had me cursing at the book and jumping to read the next which will be reviewed here soon (especially since I’ve read the first three books in the series (hope it’s not a trilogy because if it is I’m pissed.)

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