Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Secrets Revealed

Secrets of Fae by E.B. Ryan

3 tiara wearing bats and an extra tiara out of five

This is a great read that grabs you right at the beginning by jumping straight into the action of the story.  It is a little hard to follow here and there since there is a lot of assumed knowledge but since it’s assumed some of the background stuff is hard to make sense of.  I  like how it works though with the fact that the main character is still in training for her studies to be a priestess.  I would love to see a prequel to fill in the gaps like her and Xander’s relationship.  Also I would like to know how she found out about Fae.

My least favorite character is Paralda.  I just from the beginning had a dislike for her, she is so controlling and manipulative.  My favorite character is Ajax.  I love him from beginning to end.  I would definitely have a pixie ward if I could, he is so neat.  I really hope that the next book goes more in depth with him. The wards intrigue me so much I would read a story about just them.

A scene that stuck in my head was when Xander and Laura arrived to help her at her house and Laura has a bad reaction to the stimuli in the room.  My thought was if I was the main character that would have earned her a punch in the face.

My only real complaint with the book was that there were a lot of spots that felt like they would have been really good points to end the book.  The passing over of so many good ending points made it feel like it dragged on a bit.

I’m looking forward to the next book by this author.

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