Monday, October 1, 2012

Sentence Sneak Peek - Secrets of Fae

Secrets of Fae by E.B. Ryan

The first sentence from each chapter of Secrets of Fae, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Book provided by the author for review
* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

“I could think of a dozen things I’d rather be doing on a Saturday night.”

“When Paralda and I reached the infirmary, Dante had been settled in a bed with an IV in his arm.”

“As the portal from Fae closed behind me and I was left standing alone in the darkness of a strange street in a strange country, I started to feel nervous.”

Vlad walked back into the room followed by another vampire.”

“I was awakened in the early hours of the morning as I felt someone crawl into bed next to me.”

“I woke a few hours later to Xavier stroking my thigh.”

“Paralda, again as the six foot goddess, walked into the sitting room, removed her snow covered cloak and shook the snow all over the floor of the foyer.”

“When the plane finally arrived at Essendon Airport that afternoon, I was tired, irritable and DVD’d out.”

“I woke up in the morning with a heavy heart and aching head-the equivalent of an emotional hangover.”

“I tried to open my eyes, but the light made my head ache even worse, which was saying something, since I already felt as if I’d been hit with a freight train.”

I sat in silence for about five minutes, waiting for Radu to return, and when nothing happened, I struggled against my restraints.”

“I spent the next six hours in an interrogation room at the police station.”

“The next two days went by in a mindless blur.”

“The formal living room was full of my parents’ friends, some I knew and many I didn’t.”

For the second time that day, I felt myself being turned inside out as Xavier flew us up the mountainside to Vlad’s castle.”

“As we walked upstairs to what I assumed was Vlad’s bedroom, I decided to ask him about another matter.”

“What is it, Mireasmă?

“There was a crowd in the sitting room when Vlad and I got downstairs, since Matthew, Charlotte and Laura had all arrived.”

“I opened the suite door and gave Vlad a half-hearted smile.”

“I made my way to my suite without running into anyone, which didn’t surprise me, since Vlad’s castle was enormous.”

“I woke up to soft sunlight drifting through the window.”

“I didn’t have any time that day to think about my mysterious visitor.”

“Vlad and Van Helsing returned two hours later with Callum, who was the blond equivalent of Van Helsing.”

“It was night when our group arrived in Fae.”

“When I reached Paralda’s rooms on the sixth floor, I knocked on the door and Antoinette, Paralda’s fury bodyguard opened the door.”

“I made my way through the deserted courtyard, which was disconcertingly quiet, as if awaiting the impending storm.”

After an hour of flipping through the book, I decided on two wards-one fierce looking creature who looked like a cross between an eagle and a dragon, and the other a centaur.”

“When Pegasus dropped me off in the meadow, Ajax was still chattering away in my head, to the point where it began to ache.”

“It seemed as if I’d only shut my eyes for a moment when I heard a commotion at the bedroom door.”

“Paralda and I walked in silence as I shrugged into my duster, which I had grabbed on the way out of my bedroom.”

All the lycanthropes followed Van Helsing out of the courtyard, apparently as our first line of defense.

“I backed up slowly, fear gripping my very soul, but Radu stepped forward with every step I took backward.

Azirael stepped off the pentagram and slowly circled around Radu.”

“I was shocked by the carnage I saw when I stepped back out into the courtyard.”

I pointed Brendan in the direction of Vlad’s bed, then headed for Xavier’s where I found the doctor still working.”

“When Vlad and I entered Paralda’s room, I saw Antoinette had taken her usual post at the door.”

“I entered my room on the third floor thinking about everything I had just learned from Van Helsing.”

“I felt an evil presence around me as I was being held down by a force I couldn’t see.”

“I slowly opened the front door of my parents’ house and walked into the gloomy foyer.”

Van Helsing and Vlad were in the drawing room with Xavier and Laura when Brendan, Ajax and I found them.”

“I spent the next two hours with Van Helsing in the library, learning about the Angel and Jewel realms.”

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