Monday, October 29, 2012

Sentence Sneak Peek - Troll Hunters by Michael Dahl

Troll Hunters by Michael Dahl

The first sentence from each chapter of Troll Hunters, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)
* Provided by the publisher for review

“Country Road One ran east out of Zion Falls, snaked around the north edge of the old, abandoned quarry, and then stretched east again in a straight line.”

“Less than a mile away from the Tookers’ shack, an argument was heating up in the backyard of the O’Ryan home.”

“Thora Gamble stared at the dark, calm lake water while her older brother, Bryce, stared up at the stars.”

“Pablo was breathing hard as he ran toward his house.”

“At the lake, Thora scrunched up her nose.”


“Years ago, Pablo had read a thick book of Greek myths.”

“Pablo shivered.”


“First, we have to get them away from the trees,” said Pablo.”

“Louise screamed and ran back to Thora.”

“Pablo fell to the grass in a crouch.”

“Pablo sat in the field next to Thora, quietly waiting for her to catch her breath after their desperate race with the trolls.”

“Pablo awoke with a start.”

“A small white rental car drove through Zion Falls just before sunrise.”

“Zac woke up in a panic.”

“From the edge of the field, Thora and Pablo could see Dr. Hoo’s house.”

“Bryce Gamble was no longer lying on the ground in the forest.”

“Mara walked confidently across the field.”

“After breakfast, Dr. Hoo led Thora, Pablo, Zak, and Louise back upstairs to the library.”

“Dr. Hoo hurried Thora, Louise, Zak, and Pablo down a long passageway that ended in a heavy metal door.”

“As the SUV disappeared down his gravel driveway, Dr. Hoo felt a cold shadow envelop his body.

“Gun it, Zak!”

“Everyone piled out of the SUV and raced over to Zak’s parents’ car.”


“The SUV bounced along the rutted driveway.”

“It doesn’t make sense,” Zak said.”

“With each step downward, Bryce Gamble found it harder to breathe.”

“In Dr. Hoo’s library, something strange was happening.”

“The troll known as Uzhk stopped at the mouth of a new tunnel that sloped downward at a steep angle.”

“Two unearthly beings skittered through the broken library window.”

“Dr. Hoo shuffled along with the other humans.”

“The tunnel angled sharply downward.”

“Dr. Hoo rose into the air over the heads of the young humans, red waves of light emanating from him.”

“Louise began to steadily glow.”

“Everyone was silent as the golden bowl began its ascent.”

“The clear, calm waters of the Zion Fally quarry usually reflected the moon and constellations overhead.”

“Slowly, Dr. Hoo lowered the golden disc onto the lake.”

Rocks rained down on them like deadly hailstones.”

“The SUV floated in the water.”

“Louise lay unconscious on the ground at the base of the quarry cliff.”

“Out in the deepest part of the lake, the SUV’s tires were now visible above the surface.”

“Thora dropped to her knees next to Dr. Hoo.”

“Pablo coughed and grabbed his chest.”

“Pablo felt a hand turn his body over.”

“Snow dusted County Road One where a rusty school bus squealed to a stop.”  

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