Sunday, October 14, 2012

Top 5 Sundays - Series or Author That Make You Forget/Ignore Your TBR!

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Top 5 Sundays - Series or Author That Make You Forget/Ignore Your TBR! 

The Harry Potter series is just pure magic.  I know each time one was released that I would pretty much drop everything until I was done reading it.  The world, characters, everything really just makes you want to continue reading and get drawn right into that world.

This is one the first series that I discovered right around when I started this blog. The main character Justine is most definitely flawed but that's what makes the series so intriguing and fun to read.  The chemistry between her and her various love interests is electric.  The series has such a cool concept and her character continues to grow and become more interesting in each book.

I love anything that Garth Nix writes but the Abhorsen series is one of my favorite.  It's just such an intricate world and the characters are so well written.

This series has had me hooked ever since I read the first chapter of the first book.  I love the characters, the setting, just about everything about it really.  I'll probably take the day off from work the day after I get the book so I can read it ASAP.

This is one heck of an intense series and even though the ending of Bloodrose may blow your mind/leave you crying in the corner I really love this world/characters.  Since the author is also still writing in the same world just with different characters it means that there's still a lot to look forward to.


  1. I LOVE Andrea Cremers series. I've had Bloodrose since it was released and didn't get to read it yet. Now, I think I'll start it this week. I don't know why I waited so longgg. Thanks for the reminder!

    Here's my Top 5 Sunday

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, the NIGHTSHADE series is one that I seriously love too. You definitely should read BLOODROSE, glad that I reminded you about it. :) The ending is so intense but if you read the short story AFTERMATH directly after then it makes the ending even better.


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