Monday, July 25, 2016

Sentence Sneak Peek - How to Lose a Bachelor

How to Lose a Bachelor by Anna Banks

The first sentence from each chapter of How to Lose a Bachelor, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

“Rochelle Ransom hadn’t worn a dress like this since… actually, she’d never worn a dress like this.”

“They had instructed Grant to smile at each and every bachelorette in the room, at least long enough to give the camera a slight reaction.”

“How many times can Grant Drake ruin my life?”

“Grant shut the door behind him and strode to Richie’s extravagant mahogany desk.”

“Rochelle placed her empty suitcase in the walk-in closet she now shared with Maya.”

“Grant placed his palms flat on Richie’s desk and stared down at the man whose fault this was.”

“Even as the plane began its glide down the runway, Rochelle’s stomach tied itself into about eighteen different knots of hysteria.”

“Grant waited in the lavish courtyard outside the mansion.”

“Rochelle cursed under her breath as she assessed herself in the mirror.”

“Tonight’s Friendship Ceremony would be easy for Grant.”

“Rochelle couldn’t help but feel that she was in an endless beauty pageant where all the contestants were lined up on stage for inspection for days on end, expected to present themselves with an unwavering smile and sucked-in gut.”

“Grant groaned, carefully pulling the ice pack from the crotch of his boxers and placing it on the nightstand beside his bed.”

“When Grant handed Amber the bouquet of sweet peas at the Friendship Ceremony, Rochelle had to quash the urge to fling herself at him and finish the job she’d started in the gym.”

“Grant waited in the chef-level kitchen of the mansion.”

Grant is in an irritatingly good mood tonight, Rochelle thought to herself as she set to mashing up the baked sweet potatoes.”

“Progress had been made, Grant was sure of it.”

“Rochelle made her way down to the makeup studio set up in one of the many living rooms of the mansion.”

“This was the week Grant had been dreading.”

“Rochelle let herself into Richie’s office unannounced.”

“Grant settled into his first class seat, unable to appreciate the fact that he had the entire row to himself for the duration of the flight.”

“As the limo came to a stop on Main Street, Rochelle could hardly believe her eyes. Her wholesome hometown had turned into a commercial oasis.”

“He couldn’t take his eyes off her sitting across the dinner table, and not just because she’d kissed him earlier.”

Breakfast with the Drakes was nothing less than painful.”

“Grant shut the door to Richie’s office and took a seat in front of his desk.”

“Maya burst through their bedroom door, breathless.”

“A single gold-plated rose rested on the pedestal on the veranda.”

“Rochelle settled on her couch in her robe and slippers and cradled a fresh pint of Ben & Jerry’s while fumbling for the remote control.”

“Grant’s jaw dropped as Cassandra strode over to him and placed a gentle kiss on his cheek.”

“When the show suddenly cut off and went to commercial, Rochelle jumped from the couch, knocking her ice cream onto the floor.”

“Grant lay on the bottom cot of the cell, arms tucked behind his head.”

“Chris leaned against the wall in the hall of the hospital, arms crossed.”

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