Friday, July 18, 2014

Egg-cellent Trilogy - check out the adventures of Egg

Blue Sea Burning by Geoff Rodkey

5 out of 5 gnomes

I adore this series. It’s one of those series where I really would love to know the whole story and what exactly the future holds for these characters. This trilogy was so well done and I would recommend it to anybody who loves adventure stories with a strong cast and of course anyone who’s a fan of pirates.

Holy carp there was just so much awesomeness/plenty of surprises in this final book. Some of this craziness includes a little bit more about a certain Captain and some pretty interesting information about Egg’s mother. Also last but certainly not least I have to say that now that, that was one superb way to take out a villain.

I love how much Egg has changed over the course of the series and yet is recognizable is being still a kid too. His decisions may be questionable at times but when he does something great that makes it even better.

There is plenty of family drama, intense issues, and definite danger. Also the inclusion of a polite Adonis and a misbehaving monkey are pretty darn hilarious.

Guts with his guitar playing and swearing is one of my favorite characters. What the reader does know about him is already intriguing. Then there’s the ending where you find out there might be even more to discover.

Burns Healy really makes this book shine. He is a surprising role model but yet in the world Egg lives in Healy isn’t always the baddest guy. I think I would love to read a whole book that was just his origin story.

I like where the story ended but would definitely be interested in a book about how the character’s futures turned out. Saying that though I am glad that there wasn’t a corny epilogue or anything. I personally am just hoping to learn more about what happened to these characters and what other adventures they had.

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