Monday, December 16, 2013

Sentence Sneak Peek - Man Made Boy

Man Made Boy by Jon Skovron

The first sentence from each chapter of Man Made Boy, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

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“IN THE BEGINNING, there was zero.”

“IT WAS BRIGHT outside.”

“THE DIVA’S PRIVATE room was the biggest and best furnished dressing room in the theater.”

“MY ROOM WAS crammed with computers.”

“I DECIDED TO stick around to watch the last two numbers from the booth.”

“I PLUGGED MYSELF into my computer, into limbs and eyes better than my own.”

“I’M NOT SURE how they expected me to react to the news that in six months, I would be shipped off to Switzerland to live with the humans whose ancestor was responsible for making my family the hideous, screwed-up monsters we were.”

“AS SOON AS I heard the theater door close behind me, I pan-icked.”

“I STOOD FACING the one corner of the restaurant kitchen that wasn’t caught on the security camera and shoved a big glob of rice in my mouth.”

“BUT AFTER A few weeks, Liel got sick of sitting around inside all day.”

“S1ZZL3 AND SURELEE told me I shouldn’t let the stalker thing freak me out.”

“IT’S AMAZING THE creative ways a trowe can insult you when she’s angry and drunk.”

“I CLIMBED INTO the Dumpster a little after midnight and sifted through the garbage for anything that looked like it wouldn’t kill me to eat it.”

“I CAN’T BELIEVE we hot-wired a car!”

“WE WENT TO a dimly lit club back in the Strip District.”

“WE DROVE FROM Pittsburgh to Indianapolis that day.”

“I WASN’T READY for the heat.”

“BACK IN THE room, Sophie and I lay in our cots, side by side, and tried to figure out what we should do next.”

“WE WERE ABOUT halfway across Arizona when the landscape started to get strange.”

“SOPHIE WAS UNUSUALLY quiet when we got on the road the next morning.”


“I LOUNGED ON a deck chair next to the pool, my eyes closed against the bright California sun.”

“I INVITED CLAIRE over to my dorm room for dinner the next night.”

“ON THE STAGE, VI connects the cables to Boy’s nervous system via preinstalled USB and DVI interfaces.”

“HOW DID YOU do it?”

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