Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Marvelously Made

Man Made Boy by Jon Skovron

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5 out of 5 gnomes

This story is insane but in a really good way. It turns out that a lot of the old school monsters are real and a large group of them all live in one place (under a theater in Times Square.) They put on a show most nights and many of them haven’t been out of the theater in years because they can’t blend in with humans.

The story is told by Boy the son of Frankenstein’s Monster and The Bride. He’s grown up around the show and at the beginning of the book has never even been outside. Boy is a hacker and really knows his way around computers he has a project that will change the world, if only he can finish it.

His parents unlike some YA are in the picture and a big part of his world. He sees what they’ve been doing all these years and starts to question how they all live. They have an intriguing background of course and are kind of looked down at the show because they are more science versus magic based.

There are plenty of scary times and an epic road trip once Boy is out in the real world. This book has Boy in some rather complicated relationships. Love isn't exactly easy for him to find but it is fun to read about.

There are complications aplenty and the plot goes in plenty of unexpected directions. This mix of horror and humor works tremendously well. I especially love the end of the book.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, I think it was a great concept/idea. This was a really fun book to read.

  2. This was a cute & very original story!

    1. It really was, I loved this story (it's probably one of my top 10 books for the year.) :)


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