Monday, December 23, 2013

Radical Research

Alien Research by Gini Koch

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5 out of 5 gnomes

Now this is what I was expecting to happen in the last book. You definitely see the backlash from the whole reveal of aliens being real. There’s a lot of action and things are really going crazy.

Kitty continues to improve as an ambassador along with still being able to kick plenty of butt. Her solutions are creative and like Ace says Kitty thinks right.

The tension is extremely high and it really helps move the mastermind plot along. I am really wondering who the mastermind is and have a bad feeling that it might be somebody really close to the group. (not that I can guess who yet but it seems like it’ll go that way.)

Kitty’s recruitment powers continue to be awesome, I love when she finds somebody else to add to the team.

Jamie's character continues to be interesting and makes me worry about the future of her character. The developments at the end of this book show just how important Jamie is to the future.

Whoa there was a lot of death in this book, be prepared to cry more than once. I wasn't prepared for who did die. I did not foresee these deaths at all. The fate of more than one character is really sad.

Things I Adored:

* Getting to meet the Operations Team/AC Elves.
* Finding out more about the poofs.
* The fact that ACE is BACK!!!!!!!!!

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