Friday, December 20, 2013

My Favorite Quotes/Lines - Alien Research

Alien Research by Gini Koch

* book received from the publisher for review.

“Gosh, I hope you’re really on our side, because I like you already.”

“Back to where you started. You know, at the awesome level.”

“You are just like the Q. I’d never liked the Q, because they were pompous, capricious, all-powerful jerks.”

“It’s a shot in the sandstorm, but when all you’ve got available is the crazy, then the crazy is the shot worth taking.”

“One smart, inquisitive, brave, non-linear-thinking, cute little ape.”

“And while necessity is indeed the mother of invention, I’ve always found panic to be the father of abil-ity. And it’s good to honor both father and mother.”

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