Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sensational Secret

Secret by Brigid Kemmerer

* Read via NetGalley for review 
* Book will be released January 28, 2014

5 out of 5 gnomes

It was so great seeing things from Nick’s point of view especially the air elemental side of things. You will feel pretty much all the emotions while reading this book. Nick and Quinn’s story goes in some unexpected directions.

If you read the novella featuring Nick then you’ll already know what his secret is. I like how his secret unfolds over the book. The variety of reactions is also quite a doozy.  His story is funny at times and then at others it just about breaks your heart.

Nick and Adam have tremendous chemistry between them. Their relationship doesn’t just fall in place either, they have to work so that they can trust each other. They seem to be good for each other and go through so much in this book.

I wasn’t a fan of Quinn’s from the other books in the series (she was just so annoying before this book) but this one does a great job of showing that there’s more to her character. Her home life is much scarier than I thought it would be. I’m still not sure I a hundred percent approve of her new boyfriend especially after their first meeting.  By the end of the book though it looks like they might just be perfect for each other. By the end you're actually hoping that everything works out for Quinn.

I also liked that the bad guy is seen at the beginning and then just kind of blindsides them all later in the story. Nick shows some very impressive moves and seems to be understanding his air element extremely well.

Surprises aplenty and some awesome scenes for many of the characters. The scene between Hunter and Nick is well done. My favorite scene happens between Michael and Nick when they go to dinner at a Famous Dave’s.

The humor and the heartache of the series is what makes me love it. When the book ends it does feel like a war might be just around the corner. I can’t wait for the next book because it’ll be from Michael (the oldest brother’s) point of view. I am of course a tad worried that the book is called Sacrifice because I would really hate it if any of these characters died.

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