Monday, June 24, 2013

Sentence Sneak Peek - Unremembered

Unremembered by Jessica Brody

The first sentence from each chapter of Unremembered, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

The water is  cold and ruthless, lapping against my cheek.

Today is the only day I remember.

Mystery continues to cloud the tragic crash of Freedom Airlines flight 121, which went down over the Pacific Ocean yesterday evening after taking off from Los Angeles Interna-tional Airport on a nonstop journey to Tokyo, Japan.”

I wake up the next morning feeling drowsy.

“The only reason we didn’t tell you about it,” Dr. Schatzel says as he dances his hands around in some kind of apologetic gesture, “is that we didn’t want to overwhelm you.”

It takes a little over an hour, but my locket is finally brought to me in the late morning.”

It’s been five days since the crash and they’ve finally agreed to release me.”

The Carlsons tell me they live in an old ranch house that was built in the early 1900s.”

I am back in the crowd.

Today Heather has to go to something called a supermarket to buy food for Cody’s return.”

Heather and Scott’s son is home when we return from the supermarket.”

Heather and Scott try to make conversation with me during dinner but I’m not really there.”

It’s still dark outside when we leave the house.

The bus isn’t smooth like the car we took from the hospital.

From the station in downtown Los Angeles, we take a public bus to the airport.”

Cody has not stopped talking since we left the airport.


The mall is a crazy place.

My instincts take over and I do the first thing that comes to mind.”

Heather says Scott wants us to meet him in town for dinner.

Night has long since fallen but the house is still awake.

I don’t know where to go so I just start down the road that Cody and I took to the bus station yesterday morning and Heather drove to get to the supermarket and to the mall.”

I hear a voice.

I wake to the sound of clanking metal.

The dry, faded leaves crunch beneath my feet as they pound the dirt floor of the forest.”

The gun slips from my hand and lands on the floor with a loud thud.”

“Close your eyes,” Zen instructs me.

My body and mind are exhausted and craving sleep but I don’t want to stop.”

His answer punches me in the chest.

I’m on a beach.

The sun is bright in the sky when I awake.

I watch as Cody carefully steps over several unconscious bodies lying on the floor, bending down to examine each of their faces.”

“Where are we going?”

I heed his advice.

I don’t have any sort of disguise to shield myself from inquisitive stares and wandering eyes, so I find a table in the back, pull my hair down around my face, and try to keep my head low to avoid eye contact with anyone.”

My heart is pounding.

“Are you going to answer it?”

I rise from my chair and dash toward the front door of the coffee shop, shoving it open with my shoulder and exiting onto the street.”

The air outside is warm and dry.

I wake to the feeling of the cold hard ground beneath me.


“For the last time,”I hear a voice yell, “I’m not a kid!

Maxxer’s car is parked in a dimly lit garage next to the storage facility.”

As I start to run, gaining speed by the second, I feel the cool prick of moisture on my cheeks.”

I close my eyes and surrender to the pull of the abyss.

I stare, aghast, at Rio’s lifeless figure.

When I open my eyes we’re standing at the mouth of the cave, looking over the edge into the abyss.” 

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