Sunday, August 12, 2012

Top 5 Sundays - Worst Fictional Dads!

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Top 5 Sundays - Worst Fictional Dads!

Billy Dent is not a stellar dad, he's one of the most prolific serial killers out there and now many people think his son will be just like him.  Billy is one scary guy and you definitely shouldn't read this book if you're squeamish. :)

There are definitely some of the worst fathers ever in Greek mythology from Cronos to Zeus and many more.

The horrible father figure in this series is Uncle Vernon.  He treats Harry like scum and his own son Dudley isn't exactly a nice guy either.

Linden's father Vaughn is a real piece of work and he does not back down.  He's a horrible person and kind of has the whole made scientist type side to him too.

Braden's father Jason is the head of one of the feuding families in this series.  This is a deadly feud and after the second book I'm pretty darn sure that it will only intensify.  Jason's not exactly an understanding type of guy and this hasn't made Braden's life easy at all.


  1. I haven't read Fever yet, but in Wither I didn't actually see any real evidence that Linden's father is so bad. It's all in the mind of the lead character.

    1. Yeah, I think it's shown more in FEVER how ruthless Vaughn is.


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