Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sentence Sneak Peek - Sweet Venom

Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs

The first sentence from each chapter of Sweet Venom, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

Hydras have a distinctive odor.”

Things are going to be different in San Francisco.”

My head bounces against the window as the city bus hits a pothole.”

Even twenty minutes in a scalding shower can’t com-pletely wash the stink of minotaur off my body.”

Right click on the download link.”

If a member of the monster squad is going to pull me out on a Friday night, the least it could do is pick a better club than Synergy.”

Maybe I should have screamed, or kicked my legs, or struggled to keep from getting shoved into the black Mustang.”

After a night of horrible and heartbreaking dreams, I finally drag myself out of bed Saturday morning with only an hour to spare before it turns into afternoon.”

Monday morning comes too early and too hard.”

Standing in the cafeteria line, waiting to pay for a bottle of kiwi-strawberry juice to go with the hummus-and-spinach wrap and baby carrots already in my reusable lunch bag, I’m not really excited to spend another lunch period in the library.”

One second I was about to become snake food,” Grace says, barely pausing for breath in her recounting of the day’s events as she follows me back into the loft.”

My body is sore and achy, I feel like I’ve been beat up by a sledgehammer.”

I’m sorry Miss Sharpe,” the assistant principal says, “but all the other first-period science classes are full.”

Our next unit in English class is on mythology.”

I’m telling you, Veronica, an ice sculpture would be tacky on a colossal scale.”

Gretchen turns and stomps down the steps to the side-walk below, a boiling look on her face.”

I can’t stop myself from watching as the two girls—my sis-ters, apparently—stand arguing on the sidewalk.”

Two hours after , I’m beginning to think that maybe she was right.”Gretchen stormed off Greer’s stoop and sped away

After spending the last four years risking my life to hunt down freaky monsters and their hybrid offspring, I don’t have much tolerance for elitist snobs who care more about the state of their closet than the state of the world around them.”

When I showed up at Gretchen’s on Saturday morning, the first thing she told me was what the oracle said.”

After my unwelcome dip in the Bay, I’m ready to forget about recent events, forget about my sisters and mytho-logical monsters, and just focus on the life I’ve worked so hard to create.”

I can’t believe I’m sitting at a table in a sushi restaurant with my two sisters.”

By the time I get to my apartment building, I have the rudimentary basics of a plan.”

Good riddance to would-be sisters, I think as I unbuckle the ankle straps on my new shoes.”

The book.”

After I let the girls wash off their sweat and slime first, there is barely enough hot water left for me to grab a quick shower.”

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