Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sentence Sneak Peek - America, You Sexy Bitch

America, You Sexy Bitch by Michael Ian Black and Meghan McCain

The first sentence from each chapter of America, You Sexy Bitch, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Read thanks to Mandy at WellReadWife.com and her Mandy’s Blogger Book Club

Michael: This is stupid.”

Michael: My own view heading into this trip is that America is at a particularly crappy time in its history.”

Meghan: I never imagined that the first man I would officially bring home to meet my family over a Fourth of July weekend would be Michael Ian Black.”

Michael: We arrive in Las Vegas hot off the dusty Arizona trail, my testosterone still a little jacked up after squeezing off all those semi-assault rifle rounds into the desert floor.”

Meghan: I always hate leaving Las Vegas, or worse, waking up to leave Las Vegas very early in the morning.”

Meghan: I love Texas.”

Michael: We spend the first hours in the RV getting acclimated to our new home.”

Meghan: This will not be my first visit to Little Rock.”

Michael: About forty miles outside of Branson, Meghan asks Cousin John to pull over so she doesn’t puke.”

Meghan: If you do not believe in climate change, or that our planet is in any way having extreme weather issues at all, I suggest you take a road trip in an RV without substantial air-conditioning across the South next summer.”

Michael: Meghan is making a shit-ton of promises about Nashville: we’re going honky-tonkin’, we’re hanging out with her famous country music star buddy, we’re gonna eat crazy southern food, blah blah blah.”

Michael: One of our original ideas when mapping our itinerary was visiting a military base.”

Michael: We spend a night in Cincinnati on our way to Detroit.”

Michael: It’s weird that one small American city in Michigan is both the worldwide headquarters of one of the most famous Amer-ican industrial success stories and the city with the highest con-centration of Muslims in the nation.”

Meghan: It was an obvious and natural choice to wind down our tour with a stop at our nation’s capital.”

Michael: There might not be a worse drive in the United States than the I-95 Northeastern Corridor.”

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