Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oh the things we go through for books-a tiny reverse vampire retail humor story

For all of the book lovers out there there is always the real thought of the money needed for books to get the books we need money and to get money we need jobs. I my self have two. And my retail job sometimes is a  job and a half with funny and irritating events abound.

In my retail job work in a snack bar at a major retain chain.

Got to love the cute and funny things that people ask.
     One day we had a little girl come up and buy a salad with chicken on it. I had to smile when a few minutes later she comes back from the seating area and ask. "Excuse me but am i supposed to eat this salad cold?
One of my other favorite this is the things that little kids will say.
     At work we have a smoothie machine that likes freeze over on the sides. As i was scraping the ice of the side one day i little boy walks up and shakes his head and mumbles about me stealing the penguins summer home.
    Oh a story for ever one of us that run into a really grumpy rude person. Woman on her cell phone with a little kid in the cart comes up to the counter to order.she mumbles allot to the point it sounds like she is still just talking to the person on the phone. When she hangs up the phone she starts welling at me and calling me names because apparently she had said what she had wanted a in her opinion I was to stupid to have understood her. I say I'm sorry and get her order together. As she pays her kid looks up from the cart and clear as day asks "Mommy why are you being a Bit**? The woman turned six shades of red and nearly ran out of the store.

Well that's all for now but I'm sure there will be more to come. What fun stories do you have or have come across in your quest for book money.


  1. Great stories.

    When we took our kids to see the PA Amish, my daughter (7) proclaimed that she feels "almost like we're in the 1970s".


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