Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sentence Sneak Peek - Nightlights

The first sentence from each chapter of Nightlights, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)
* Book provided by the author for review

We like our new recruits youngtwelve or thirteen at most.

“—damaged, selfish, conceited, obsessive thug.”

“Ajax stared at the monster tasting his spilled blood.”

“How can it be understood?”

“Ajax crouched down beside Leo, numbly checking for signs of life.”

So, Ajax.

“Natalie sat in a bed in the Tower infirmary, staring straight ahead.”

“The gymnasium where the afternoon session took place was almost normal.”

“After dinner and the dishes were done, Natalie sat at the dining room table with her head in her hands, staring at the homework on her tablet, seeing nothing of it.”

“Ajax,” Natalie called as he slouched into the afternoon session.”

What we worried about with Ajax, we actually had to face with others.

“Announcement: Nightfall commences in approximately three hours.”

“Ajax looked skeptically at the portal that Natalie and Jehane had already stepped through.”

“The Vancouver gate had been located in a tiny terraced park nestled between office buildings, set into the freestanding triple arch that dominated the park.”

“Can you help?”

An then it all went to hell.

“Ajax refused one of the beds in the infirmary when he was herded there by Laurel.”

“The mist crept in.”

“Jehane moved quietly through the corridors again.”

“Please hide,” said Kentigern.”

“Seth slouched into the Council chamber, yawning widely.”

“Jehane stretched across three of the seats in one of the media halls, ferociously concentrating on the novel displayed on her tablet.”

“Natalie threw herself at the closed portal where Aya had vanished, checked only by her father grabbing her arm.”

“Natalie drifted through the Tower, so lost in thought she barely noticed the other people in the corridors.”

Partial Record of Persephone Squad’s Exploration of Tower Di, Carta Record 782356: Savannah the Prowler’s voice, over a black screen: “I’m almost certain nobody’s in there.”

“Their experiment feels like being drunk on adrenalin.”

“Watch out for the tail!”

“In the fight, Natalie tried to stay near Hatherly and Jehane.”

“Caught in a restless sleep he did not want, Ajax wandered through memories masquerading as dreams.”

“Seth’s room, always artistically chaotic, was a disaster area.”

“Ajax slouched along the corridor, head low.”

“Jehane trudged down the hall, thinking about Ajax’s meditations on blame.”

“Ajax and Jehane sat together in the dining hall.”

“We may have to get you plastic surgery before we let you out again,” said Elian.”

“Seth ambled along the corridor to the dining hall, keeping a sharp eye out for people he didn’t want to meet.”

“Only ten minutes before it turned back into gloop,” said Ajax, as he and Seth strolled along a corridor.”

“Jehane, I’ve found something,” said Elian, excitement threading through his voice.”

“To Jehane, everything was movement and stillness: flurries of snow, the cold air passing over her, the warmth that didn’t move, breath passing through her hair.”

“Seth tasted blood as he rolled with Ajax through the snow.”

“When the hands reached through the emergence point and yanked him through, Ajax discovered the hard way that weapons made from your own anima don’t like to go through the void between portals.”

“Ajax sat in the classroom with his arms crossed, glowering.”

“As soon as they were admitted back into the Tower, Elian spoke, his voice throbbing with sarcasm.”


“Natalie wandered through a world of faces she didn’t recognize, under a sky that seemed too far away and too full of light.”

“Elian’s device was contained within a small, plain box made of the same polymer as the Tower itself.”

“Sleeping had been a privilege Natalie couldn’t let herself enjoy.”

“The soldiers didn’t want to chat, Seth found, even when he offered to tell them all sorts of interesting things about the Guardians.”

“When the Hellgate spoke, Jehane and Malachi were moving in the direction Jehane had last felt Hatherly’s presence.”


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