Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Radical Running Rebel

I, Crimsonstreak by Matt Adams

* Book provided by the publisher for review

5 out of 5 gnomes

Superheroes are among my favorite characters and I love to read books about heroes and of course the many kinds of villains they face.  The Flash or speedsters in general have always interested me, also I think I've read The Flash: Stop Motion by Mark Schultz at least a dozen times.  I, Crimsonstreak is a great addition to the superhero genre because it has a lot of humor and heart. 

Oh Crimsonstreak you are an awesome superhero.  You keep going even though you've had major setbacks or as Crimsonstreak would say "Running. Always running."  It can't be easy being the son of a supremely powerful hero and an ex-supervillain.  It's enough to give anyone a complex really.

Crimsonstreak has to find his way through a new world after escaping from a "rehab" facility.  He was framed for a horrible crime but of course nobody believes him and now many of the supervillains are actually fans of what he's done.  After the escape he finds that the world has changed in many unexpected ways.  

He goes to the one place where he thinks nobody else will be but instead meets Mortimer.  Mortimer is one heck of an intriguing character.  I think he's a great hero in his own way and really influences the tone of the book in a good way.  I love his sarcasm and English-styled wit.  His barbs are really laugh out loud and his quick thinking and brain power saved the day more than once.  My favorite Mortimer line: "It’s good to be in the land of chocolate...."

I also love this story's take on the whole Batman-like character.  Having everything passed down would be a great way to spread the mythos of a hero.  The origin story is great and every hero after the first has their own spin on the Crusading Comet.  Warren Kensingon IV is a teenager but he really knows his way around computers and crime fighting.  Warren's views differ from his father and when Warren, Chris/Crimsonstreak, and Mortimer get together they are quite the formidable team.

The world is built really well and I don't even think I've enjoyed appendixes at the end of a book so much before.  You just find out so much history of the world and these characters.  I think my favorite appendix was Mortimer's diary.  I believe that this heaping helping of knowledge at the end adds a lot to the overall experience of reading the story. 

This is a fun superheroic ride of a story.  The characters will stay with you and you'll be wishing for more stories from this fascinating world.  Definitely a must read for any fan of the superhero genre.

Favorite Line: "I’m not sure which is scarier: a supervillain or a reformed one who’s found religion."


  1. I am reading this book also, and havefound myself laughing outloud several time. It is a clever take on this genre.

    1. Cool, yeah I was laughing out loud a lot especially at a certain cheetah character and of course Mortimer.

      Yes, definitely a clever take on the genre. :)


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