Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sentence Sneak Peek - Insurgent

Insurgent by Veronica Roth

The first sentence from each chapter of Insurgent, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

"I WAKE WITH his name in my mouth."

"I OPEN MY eyes, terrified, my hands clutching at the sheets."

"THAT EVENING I return to my room and slide my hand beneath my mattress to make sure the gun is still there."

"BIOTECHNOLOGY HAS BEEN around for a long time, but it wasn't always very effective," Caleb says."

"AFTER BREAKFAST, I tell Tobias I'm going for a walk, but instead I follow Marcus."

"THAT MORNING I wake up to the buzz of an electric razor."

"THE SERUM WEARS off five hours later, when the sun is just beginning to set."

"WE DECIDE TO follow the railroad tracks to the city, because non of us is good at navigation."

"ONE OF THE factionless started a fire so we could heat up our food."

"I RUN MY hand over the back of my neck to lift the hair that sticks there."

"THEY SURROUND US, but don't handcuff us, and walk us to the elevator bank."

"I WILL ASK you a series of simple questions so that you can grow accustomed to the serum as it takes full effect," says Niles."

"I RISE FROM the chair."

"OKAY, WHAT THE hell are you doing here?"

"THE PAIN SUBSIDES to a dull ache."

"I SHIFT MY hand back, centimeter by centimeter, so the soldier pointing a gun at me doesn't notice."

"TOBIAS TELLS ME this story:
When the Erudite reached the lobby stairwell, one of them didn't go up to the second floor."


"THAT AFTERNOON I join a group of Candor and Dauntless cleaning up the broken windows in the lobby."

"I CHECK MY watch."

"I STAND BEFORE the sinks in the women's bathroom on the newly claimed Dauntless floor, a gun resting on my palm."

"SHAUNA LIES ON the ground, facedown, blood pooling on her shirt."

"NOT TEN SECONDS after we choose our new leaders, some-thing rings—one long pulse, two short ones."

"BLOOD IS A strange color."

"SOMEONE RAIDS THE Dauntless kitchens and heats up the imperishables kept there, so we have a warm dinner that night."


"I WEAVE THROUGH the crowd next to the chasm."

"WHEN HE STARTS to fall asleep, he keeps his arms around me fiercely, a life-preserving prison."

"I FORGOT MY watch."

"I READ SOMEWHERE, once, that crying defies scientific explanation."

"THAT NIGHT I dream, not of Tobias, and not of Will, but of my mother."

"I WAKE TO a headache."


"ONCE I'M IN the hallway, I stop struggling toward Jeanine."

"THIS MORNING I put on the clean clothes I am given: black pants—too loose, but who cares?"

"BUT I'M STILL breathing."

"HE LIES NEXT to me as I fall sleep."

"I TAKE MY time on my walk back to the Eaton house, and try to remember what my mother told me when she saved me from the tank during the simulation attack."


"THE ERUDITE DORMITORY is one of the largest sleeping rooms in Amity headquarters."

"BY THE TIME we reach the city, all conversation has halted in the truck, replaced by pressed lips and pale faces."

"EVERYONE SPREADS THROUGHOUT the building in search of janitor's closets, per my instructions to find a ladder."

"CHRISTINA STEPS BACK into the room."

"THE NEXT ROOM is more like a hallway: it is wide, but not deep, with blue tile, blue walls, and a blue ceiling, all the same shade."

"I DON'T SEE him die again."

"TORI STANDS, A wild look in her eyes, and turns toward me."

"MY MIND KEEPS tugging me toward my memories of Lynn, in an attempt to persuade me that she is actually gone, but I push away the short flashes as they come."

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